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Meet Top Florist

In a glance

  • Everyday full time working flower shops

  • Shop in a shop with balloons etc.

  • Mini liquor store  and gifts

  • Wedding planning – Christening -Events

  • Event decoration with balloons

  • Invitation cards , bonboniers et.c.

  • Wedding Crowns, best man’s set, etc.

  • Freelance photographers, D.J., Catering, Limousines.


In addition :

  • Flower and Liquor Delivery to Greece and abroad

  • On e hour delivery in Greece and same or next day delivery abroad.


  • Top Florist Interflora-

  • Interflora: Collaborators in Greece

  • Our e-shop

  • Distinguished Suppliers: See our product menu

In top Florist-Interflora, we provide top quality services to customers visiting the flower shops as well as to those placing online orders.

Top Florist is a modern company, purely Greek and a member of the family of Interflora International.
In Franchise Top Florist our flower shops will service your wishes with respect and the artistic vision appropriate to a product as superb as a flower. 

The methods we develop, aim primarily to the financial and qualitative satisfaction of the consumer/customer. We advocate Reciprocity and Corporate Ethics, building on the mutual trust between customer and corporation as a business set to last should do.

Our talented artisan florists see to it that your truest sentiments are expressed through their creations for each and every significant moment of your life from birth to baptism, birthday and name day when you wish to say thank you or congratulations, for an opening, an event or your wedding, and even to the last goodbye to a friend.

In the aroma-filled flower shops, our very skilled and trained member Top Florists make sure your wishes are expressed in the best way possible and always with a genuine smile, while our 12- hour central customer service guarantees your order is serviced promptly and listens patiently any complaints.

The costs or the products and services are calculated and adjusted always taking into consideration the quality and freshness of the flowers, the space and the color schemes.

Most importantly, it is all about the final outcome and the respect for your beloved ones!

Striving to perfect the services we provide, our member florists throughout the country are trained in seminars on Floristry and Packaging

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